Safety comes from doing the job the right way

Safety comes from doing the job the right way

What does this mean? When going into a drive always make sure that there is ventilation and it is on, some countries may not use the standard ventilation bags hanging from the backs, rather piping it into the drive through steel pipes. If steel pipes are used this doesn’t mean that the flow won’t be up to standard. I would suggest that you buy yourself an air flow meter that costs about $50 to measure the flow before entering the drive.

We use the procedures laid down by management. However these procedures don’t control or create safety, an example of this is remote bogging.

If there is a remote bogger working in an area never enter the area unless you are with the remote operator. Many countries are still using line of site remotes. If you are asked to go into a drive to observe the bogger on line of site there should be a remote refuge (cuddy). A remote cuddy is a small drive that is taken out of the wall so the remote operator can stand safely and control the bogger. The reason the remote cuddy is there is because if the bogger goes haywire then the bogger can’t enter the cuddy.

This means that the cuddy needs to be narrow and deep if it is not then this is not a safe area to stand. Some mines also place a large mound of dirt in the drive and place the remote operator on top of the mound, this is not the safest place to stand because if the bogger strikes the mound of dirt it can throw the operator off the mound to the ground causing injury. In 1996 over 4 weeks there were 5 deaths in WA alone. These deaths were caused by either not using or misusing the safety controls above.

Management can’t write a procedure to stop people hurting themselves, as much as they would like to. It is ultimately the sole control of the people doing the job, their experience and understanding that determines whether the job is done safely or not. The owners and managers of the mines have gone to great lengths in the safety equipment used by modern hardrock underground miners.

Positive Tips for Safety

Safety can’t be bought, faked or obtained by fear it can only be earned with time and vigilance. To achieve this safe workplace we need to have a positive attitude towards, and a personal belief in safety.

Learn as much about the job as you can. Remember there is more than one way to do a job.

Believe in your skills to do the work. Safety comes from doing the job the right way.

Most important is the confidence to stop the work when the hazard cannot be controlled.