The 3 Step Plan DIY & Resume package

The 3 Step Plan DIY & Resume package

Underground Training is happy to partner with Beyond Recruitment and Resumes to create our 3 Step Plan approach to getting yourself into the mining industry. This simple tailored approach is for people that want a production mining job within the industry. By utilising the specialised experience of both companies, we are able to give you the best opportunity using this 3 Step Plan.

Step 1 Education

The first step is to educate yourself to how the Hardrock industry works using the DIY Introduction to Underground Mining training package. This is where the majority of jobs are in the Hardrock Gold and base metal mines (mostly underground) around the country. If you type “underground” into Seek you can see all the jobs come up around the country. The training covers everything you need to be able to hold a conversation with a foreman or project manager in an interview about how their Hardrock mine works. For those looking for a surface job, the rules are the same on the surface as underground, with a lot of cross over skills that employers can use contained in the training.

All the employers have the same problem, teaching someone to drive the truck is the easy part. Teaching them enough about how the mine works, so they can be left alone to drive the truck on their own, that’s the hard part and why there is a high turnover of new starters. Knowing how the mine works is a skill all employers need their employees to have (which most new starters overlook).

So, if you can show the employer that you know how their mine works and what’s going to be expected of you working on their mine site, then you have something to offer them. This is all about setting yourself up for success in the industry and being ready to be thrown in the deep end.

Step 2 Resume

Your resume is a fundamentally important part of the process and understanding what mining employers want is important to the result you get. This is where Beyond Recruitment and Resumes come into their own understanding the process and what the mining employers want.

When you send your resume into one of these jobs, you have 6 seconds to show the employer that you have the required skills and know something about how their mine works. Understanding that the people who decide who gets hired and who don’t, are incredibly time poor. That means if your resume looks like it’s going to take more than 5 minutes to read then it probably won’t get read by the people doing the hiring. They like resumes that flow, have all the necessary components in an easy to read format and Beyond Recruitment and Resumes specialise in this.

Step 3 Network within the industry

The last step is sometimes the easiest one, once you have educated yourself to how the industry works. Networking within the industry can take a number of forms, both formal and informal. Beyond Recruitment and Resumes can help you with the more formal ways of networking like LinkedIn and Seek, while Underground Training has their mining job hunt videos, the mining jobs to apply for page and information videos about what is going on in the industry. The mining jobs to apply for page has all the jobs from around the country that we think you should be applying for.

Networking is all about reaching the right people at the right time. This is when you are ready and have prepared yourself correctly. Lots of people put the cart in front of the horse with networking. They try to make a mining contact first (because they think you need to know someone to get a job) and then because they have nothing to offer the contact, it doesn’t go anywhere.

However, if you approached the same contact with your mining knowledge up to speed, with a well laid out resume in hand, then you are going to get a different result. Once the contact works out you have done the hard part and understand how the industry works and can be thrown in the deep end. It becomes and easy win and you have turned yourself into the low hanging fruit that all the employers are after.

The plan, educate yourself, get a mining friendly resume, then network your way into that high paying mining job you have always been after. If you want to speak to someone about this package you can leave your details in this link.

If you have completed the DIY package and want your resume done then you can upgrade to the 3 Step Plan package and get the team from Beyond Recruitment and Resumes to sort your resume out for you. You only pay the difference in price of $330 for the upgrade from DIY

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