Entry Level Mining Jobs

Getting into one of the entry level mining jobs in the industry is not an easy thing. Different arears of the industry use different standards and systems of work. This means there is no one size fits all approach. However if you can show the employers that you know how their mine works, then you have something to offer them. These videos from our sponsored YouTube channel Australian Mining for New Starters outline important information that every new starter needs to know. It covers where the entry level mining jobs are and how to get one. If you want to have a chat to a Shift Boss then follow the link and they will text you to organise a time to talk.

There is a lot of information out there about what you need to get a mining job.
I just wanted to put together a short power point about what you do and don’t need to get in to the mining industry.

If you want a mining job then you have to go where the employers have no choice but to hire entry level people and give the employers what they want.

Someone that knows how their mine works and what’s going to be expected of them

Find out where the money is in today’s mining jobs 

If you like money and aren’t afraid of some hard work 

Then everyone who works on crew in hardrock underground wants a job on the jumbo making $1500+ a day

The employers have no choice but to cram all the mining knowledge a new starter needs to know into them in the first weeks on site. The reason? Safety!

You need all that information in order to do your new job safely. Until then, and you find your feet, you are a liability that needs constant supervision (normally another crew member or buddy).
It’s a simple equation, the longer it takes for you to find your feet the higher your chance of failing. This is why there is a constant flow of jobs from the same employers and sites.

When making a mining friendly resume its important to look at it from the point of view of the person that is doing the hiring. 

Which in Hardrock Mining is either the Foreman or Project Manager. 

Understanding what they are looking for, then being able to show them you know what is gong to be expected of you on site, is what gets you the interview first and then the job.

How the pay works in hardrock mining

We cover,
The old award
Individual workplace contracts
Workplace agreements

Where the Mining Job Boom is, that the media keep missing

Like everything else in life, it’s about following the money
Areas of the industry where wages are going up, are in a job boom cycle
Those that have falling or have stagnant wages are not

The job boom has moved on, but the information about where the new entry level mining jobs are and how to get one hasn’t

See where the Hardrock (Gold, Nickel, Copper, Zinc etc..) mining jobs are, most people think getting the job is the hard part, when its only a small part of the battle.
You have to make it past 6months to win the war and make it in the industry.
It’s not as easy as people think to find your feet and many struggle to give the employers what they want.
The best way to avoid this, is to know how the mine works and what you are going to be expected to do before you get there. The more you know before you go the better your chance of making it.

This is something that gets thrown around a lot towards people asking about how to get a mining job on social media

“Just get a job with BHP “

But where do you start?

This short video explains how BHP isn’t set up the way most people think
It shows where their different assets are and how knowing all this can make a big difference in getting a job for a new starter.

Last week I got asked this really good question.

What do I mean, when I say that hardrock underground mining, is a hard job?

There are a few things that go into it.

Hope you enjoy the video, the more you know before you go, the quicker you will find your feet and make a career out of it.

This is an entry level job with a big Iron Ore company and should have everyone asking, if I go down this path how long is my mining career going to be?
When talking to people about mining I often ask them,
Where they see themselves in 5 years time?
Will they still be working on the same mine?
Will they still be doing the same job, or waiting for someone to move on?
Are there going to be other places to work for surface truck drivers or an oversupply?

We hope that this info helps, the secret to get a mining job is to show the employers that you know how their mine works and what is going to be expected of you on site. When you can do that you have something to offer.


You can use the Workready or DIY Intro to Underground Mining packages to get your mining knowledge up to speed and have crack at getting a start as a Nipper, Truck Operator, Diamond Driller Offsider, Agi Operator or a member of Paste Crew and Service Crew. You can find the jobs by typing “underground” into seek. 


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