The Nipper Job

The Nipper Job

I have been asked to talk about what is involved with the Nipper job. It’s all about being organised, knowing what’s going on around the mine and staying ahead of the game.

In this video I run through all the different things you can be required to do in the Nipper job. 

The Nipper’s job is an entry level job on Hardrock Underground Gold, Nickel, Copper, Silver, Zinc or Base Metals mines around the country. You can see all the jobs on seek if you type “underground” in and give it a spin.

Knowing how the system works gives you a huge advantage over everyone else. It allows you to take control of the situation yourself. Not only in getting the job but also keeping it once you get to site. People that do our training get themselves up to speed in weeks, instead of months it normally takes when they get to site. Remember the longer it takes for you to get up to speed the higher the chance of failure.

If you can show the employers, you know how the mine works then you have something to offer them. There is 50 hours of important information in the DIY Introduction to Underground Mining package. It includes interview prep and full instructions on how to make a mining friendly resume. The resume only takes a couple of hours to put together and is designed to appeal to the Foreman or Project Manager. Those are the people that decide who gets hired and who doesn’t. If you don’t want to become a statistic, then education is key.

I hope that info helps.


The Mining Coach