Basic Mining Skills

Basic Mining Skills

We understand the difficulties involved with training in the high turnover jobs like offsiding, nippering, service crew and truck driving, this is why we have a number of short online courses that can be used to bring a new starter up to speed  on the different ways jobs can be done underground.

These courses have been designed to supply employers with a new starter that is already been blooded to the industry in both its standards and methods used. These courses have provided numerous employees that have gone on to move up the ladder in the industry, some as high as the jumbo. We believe that these courses can provide a new starter that is blooded to the industry and able to fit straight into your workplace.

As always, we recommend though testing of our students if hiring as new starters, testing their knowledge of basic standards that are required for the common jobs.

This has been used by many mining companies as a good method to see if the have an adequate understanding or mining and worth hiring as a new starter we hope it works as well for you as others in the past.

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