Entry level Mining Jobs The Best Shot Series

The Best Shot series of videos from our sponsored YouTube (Australian Mining for New Starters) channel is to help a new starters get a job (and survive the first six months) in the Hardrock Underground Mining Industry, using our Intro to Hardrock Underground Mining DIY package.
These video’s answer common questions that are asked covering resumes, tickets, interviews, formal qualifications and lots more, if you want into the mining industry then this is a pathway in

Getting a Hardrock Underground Mining Job

Why the safety box has to be the refuge chamber

Why are Hardrock underground employers having to hire so many new starters

Why do Hardrock Underground Miners get paid so much

How tickets work on a hardrock underground mine

Why hardrock employers don’t use formal qualifications

Why hardrock underground mining jobs have to be filled with Australians

Mining, how there’s no one size fits all in getting a start

How do Hardrock Underground employers train new starters

Why Hardrock Underground employers interview/hire people that have completed the online training

How to make your hardrock underground resume

Who ends up making a career in Hardrock Underground Mining

How do Contractors work in Hardrock Underground mining

Where are the Hardrock Underground mining jobs

What’s the one bit of advice I would give a New Starter

Is working in a Hardrock Underground Mine safe

Why cleaning or utility jobs don’t lead to mining jobs on hardrock underground mine sites

Is there really a $1500 a day job in a Hardrock Underground mine

The interview how does it work in hardrock underground

The interview what sort of questions are they going to ask

Why is it so easy to have a bad experience as a new starter to mining

Advice given over the internet, why is it so confusing

If you are only looking at Coal and Iron Ore for your new starter job then you could end up chasing your tail

Why you should be applying for every job that comes up

How long does it take to get a job

Should you do mines rescue if you get the opportunity

Why you have to do at least 6 months in your first job if you want a career

How full on is the medical? How does it work?

How long does the employment processes take

Why most companies only want a manual car license for Underground but want a HR for the surface pits and exploration 

If I have a crack am I guaranteed a job

Do you have to relocate to get a job

How do I sign up for the sponsors training

If you are not sure if hardrock underground mining is going to be for you then use the Payment Plan to dip your toe in and see if underground is going to be for you

Hope those videos help and if you have any questions just fill out the website contact form on the page and we will be in contact