About us

Why was Underground Training formed.

Underground Training was founded by a group of Shift Bosses in 2009 whom were frustrated by the high turnover of inexperienced staff. It was getting to the point that every time they returned to site from break there was a new face. A new face, that needed to be brought up to speed on processes, procedures and the inner workings of mining. A process costing time and money!

Why the high turnover? To put it simply, a naivety to how the industry works and its expectations of its workers. It’s this minimal industry knowledge that has been identified by those in the industry as the ultimate downfall for new starters. Basically, getting the job can be difficult, but keeping it is the real challenge.

It is this reason, that our courses were first developed. Their aim is to give the new starter a level of knowledge and understanding of the industry in order to give them confidence to interview well and land the job.