Conversations about Mining

Conversations about Mining

This is a Video series we are doing with the team from Beyond Recruitment and Resumes on how a New Starter can get into the Mining Industry in a Production Mining job. We are going to do a weekly videos about things that are going on in the industry and of course how to get a start in a production mining role. If you have any questions you want answered please send them through.

This is a link to the podcast on our YouTube channel Australian Mining for New Starters. The latest 10 videos are below.

It’s all about showing the employers you understand how their mine works and the expectations they have of people working there. I can’t make this any clearer to new starters, that teaching someone to drive the underground truck is the easy part. It only takes a couple of weeks, they are point and shoot, hydraulic steering, automatics. They are the most expensive trucks you will have ever driven, but the easiest. The problem is teaching a person enough about how the mine works, so they can be left alone to drive the truck on their own. This is the hard part and the reason more than 50% of green new starters fail in the first 6 months. Even the ones with lots of equipment experience fail at this rate because if you can’t be left alone to do the job safely then you just don’t have a job.

It is simple as that, pure sink or swim training, with lots of people sinking. When if they had done the training and learnt how it all worked before they went, then they would have had a completely different result. As always it pays to know how the system works to take advantage of it. Knowing how the mine works, is the skill all the employers want, that most New Starters over look.

This is a link to the 3 Step Plan Package

If you want to talk to someone then you can contact either Jess or Andrew using these details below

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