Payment Plan for Intro to Underground Mining DIY Package

We have been asked many times to provide a payment plan, which we are not opposed to doing.

However, in the past the use of traditional methods has added to the cost and stress of providing the service, both for customers and staff.


So instead of signing up for a service that cost everyone money, you will be able to break up the cost of the DIY Intro to Underground Mining package, into 3 payments of $165, by buying 3 of the courses individually 

If you buy 3 courses as you can afford them.


Course 1 – Basic Minesite Operation $165

Course 2 – Nipper and other important duties $165

Course 3 – Truck Operation $165

Then we will give you the rest of the Intro to Underground Mining Package for free.

Course 4 – Service Crew

Australian Mining Seminar (a guide to the industry and resume/interview tips)

This means you can pay for DIY Intro to Underground Mining Package in 3 instalments of $165 instead of the $495 package price.

To take advantage of this service, just contact us after you have purchased the third course at and we will open the rest of the Intro to Underground Mining DIY package up for you.


You can use our sponsored YouTube channels, Best Shot playlist of videos to help you get your new starters job (and survive the first six months)


These video’s will answer common questions that are asked by people that complete our DIY Intro to Hardrock Underground training. It will also allow people to ask questions that they want the answers to. The link to the YouTube channel and the playlist is above with the first video loaded and ready to go.


If you want a question answered, then leave your contact details on our Enquiry Form page