Why can’t I get a mining job?

Why can’t I get a mining job?

It’s something that I hear all the time,

“I have done everything I am supposed to do, I have my S11 generic induction and all my tickets and still can’t get a mining job”

When I hear that, I am thinking, “what tickets and why are you doing a S11?” The S11 is only for Coal and only required for Queensland.  

Since I started mining in 94, every mine I have worked on has required me to do their onsite induction and onsite machinery tickets, these are all non-transferable. Hardrock mines (gold, nickel, copper, lead, zinc, rare earths etc..) don’t use the RII system or the S11 generic induction.
Each new mine I have worked at has required on site ticketing and inductions. No mine has wanted an RII machinery ticket or allowed me to transfer site based machinery tickets, even when I have worked for the same employer and was just transferring sites. I was still required to redo everything on the new site.

I have never been required to do or asked to do the S11 generic induction.



Because the S11 is only required for coal mines in QLD, it is not required for any other state in Australia. It’s only coal mines in Queensland, which represents about 10% of the overall mines in Australia (about 60 surface and underground mines in QLD give or take).

I do not know any mining employer, outside the coal industry in QLD, that requires or wants their employees to do this induction.
Just to be clear, that’s 90% of mining employers that don’t require the S11 generic induction.
It takes all of 2 minutes to do some quick research to prove it.

If you type “underground” into seek and give it a spin, you will see all the mining jobs come up. Have a look, none of the hardrock jobs ask for a S11 or RII tickets, it’s only the coal jobs in QLD that want those qualifications.
The hardrock jobs all want experience (some mining knowledge) and a manual car license for underground and a HR license for the surface, not a S11 generic induction or RII dump truck ticket.

Yet if you google the S11 generic induction and look at the training companies selling this service from the first page. You will be told that this is a nationally recognised qualification and that mining employers around the country want you to have it. At the same time giving themselves an out by using opened ended statements like


“This course exceeds the requirements of most other interstate mining induction requirements (however you should always check first with the mine about any specific requirements they may have).”




“The GI program is the most universally accepted induction program in Australian mining. However, individuals and contractors should confirm induction requirements with the site they will be working on before attending an induction to ensure the process aligns with site processes and is recognised by site.”

These are from two different companies.  They tell you that everyone want’s it, but you should confirm induction requirements before you sign up.




If you check with 90% of mines around the country (all the hardrock mines and the coal mines in NSW) you will be told you don’t require this induction. Just call a gold mine that’s hiring in NSW, WA or even QLD and ask if you need an S11? You will be told no. In WA and NSW you will probably get “S what?”.

So when I hear people say they have done everything (RII tickets and the S11) but can’t get a job, that’s the reason.

Look at it from the employers point of view. You have sent them a resume with tickets that they can’t use and an induction for the Coal industry in QLD.

What does that say about you?

What type of employee are you going to make?
If you have done your research and this is what you have come up with to get a job?
It’s easy to see why employers cull these resumes in the first round, you are not exactly putting your best foot forward. You are just showing the employers you don’t know how their mine works.
If you want in then you have to give the employers what they want, someone that knows how their mine works and what is going to be expected of them.

This video is from our sponsored YouTube channel Australian Mining for New Starters on how tickets work in mining work.

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