Entry Level Mining Information

Is a weekly update on the mining industry from our sponsored YouTube channel Australian Mining for New Starters.
Knowing what is going on makes a real difference in getting a job!
We are covering the prices on all the major mining metals like Gold, Nickel, Copper as well as Iron Ore and Coal.

We are attaching appropriate news with each segment.
The more you know about the industry and how it works the better your chance of getting a job. 


Today we are covering the copper miners that are expanding their portfolio.
Panoramic Resources are to restart their Nickel/Copper mine with a well known contractor.

An Iron ore job ad, that tells the truth about the future of truck driving on a strip mine in Australia!
Find out how there is no one size fits all to getting a mining job. See how different resumes get you different results and how a bit of insider mining knowledge goes a long way to getting your start!

Today we are covering the gold miner that gave all their employees a pay rise!
Why Mincor renamed their new decline?
How the media only do employment stories on the trade and degree jobs, not the jobs that are entry level that you can get without experience!

Knowing what is going on makes a real difference in getting a job
We will cover the prices on all the major Mining Metals (Gold, Nickel, Copper, Silver, Zinc or Base Metals), Iron Ore, Coal and attaching appropriate news with each segment so a new starter has a better idea of what is going on in the industry.

Today we are covering where the new mines are opening up?
Where will an Iron Ore traineeship take you money wise?
Do you really have to know someone to get a Coal mining job today?

Today we are covering what is driving demand within the mining industry
Why Tesla is working with a Nickel mine?
How gold became money again!


We hope that this info helps, the secret to get a mining job is to show the employers that you know how their mine works and what is going to be expected of you on site.

You can use the Workready or DIY Intro to Underground Mining packages to get your mining knowledge up to speed and get that start you are after!

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