Entry Level Mining Information

Entry Level Mining Information is an ongoing video series update on what’s going on in the mining industry and the best way you can get a job. Videos are from our sponsored YouTube channel Australian Mining for New Starters and cover how the industry works and how you can get a hardrock underground mining job with no pervious experience. I know a lot of people reading this have had the “experience run around”. You can only get a job with experience but you can only get experience with a job. I know how frustrating this is, but there is a pathway in, as long as you are prepared to put in the time and effort to make it happen. Knowing how the industry works and what is expected of you on site makes a real difference in getting a job! 

Hope you enjoy the videos

One of the most common questions I get asked is. If you were going to get an entry level job, how would you do it? 

There are a couple areas of the industry that I would look at and some that I would steer clear of. 

Find out where and why.

Today we are going to have a look at the different ways you can go with a mining career. We will look at Hardrock Underground, Iron Ore and Coal career pathways.
We will checkout what’s driving each area of the industry, the good and bad and where you could be in your career after 10years (that starts at 5.55 on the video ).
Hope that information helps.

Why do so many new starters fail?

This week I got asked by someone going into a nipper job, why there is so much turnover of new starters.
Not an easy question to answer, but gave it a go. Please note that this is not a criticism of anyone, but a real account of the system you are walking into and where everyone fits into it.

The moral of the story is the more you know before you start, the better your chance of making it.

If you want a mining job then you have to go where the employers have no choice but to hire entry level people and give the employers what they want.
2 years ago an underground truck operator was making $380 a day. Today that same job around Kalgoorlie is paying $540 a day.

This is how you can tell when an area of the industry doesn’t have enough experienced people, the money goes up. This is where the majority of new starter jobs are. Today the money is going up in Hardrock Underground

Find out why there is no RTO available to the public delivering the hardrock underground formal qualifications
We will do the prices, have a look at the news with nickel and look at some job ads to see what the employers really want.

Here we go again, another video on tickets in mining.
If you watch this video and you get nothing else out of it, please let everyone you know that the hardrock employers underground and on the surface can’t use the RII dump truck ticket, the employers have to issue their own onsite tickets.
Spending $1000’s on RII tickets, just to say you have been in the gear, isn’t going to help you get a job.
The video covers how tickets affect resumes and what the employers want to see.
Please share this video if you know someone thinking about spending big money on tickets that just don’t help you get a job.

Its sink or swim

This is the question that everyone wants to know, am I going to make it in my new mining job?

Find out the different ways people sink in the job and what you have to do to start swimming.

How the pay works in hardrock mining

We cover,
The old award
Individual workplace contracts
Workplace agreements

This week,
It got to site, now what?

The cost of having to isolate your workforce and what that means for the industry

Having the rug pulled out from under you

Turning the situation to your advantage

Copper is down $1000 a ton.
Gold dropped $100 an ounce.
How bad is inflation in the US.
The media continue to be vague about where the jobs are.
We will show you where the entry level jobs have moved, in this new underground job boom.
You need to go where the jobs are and give the underground employers what they want, some one that knows how their mine works.

Today copper is over $13,000 AU a ton.
We look at how the Hardrock Underground Mining companies are having trouble getting people, why they don’t like to train.

Why has BHP have decided to hire 200 new train drivers.
Talk about where the entry level jobs have moved, in this new underground job boom.
We will show you that it easy to see where the jobs are if you know where to look.
You need to go where the jobs are and give the underground employers what they want, some one that knows how their mine works.

Today copper is still over $10,000 US a ton
We look at how a record high Iron ore price, means a story in the media pointing people in the wrong direction for jobs
We have a look how, at the same time, Gold and Nickel have caused a massive jobs boom in Kalgoorlie and other Hardrock towns around the country
Coal makes a move even higher but that elephant just won’t leave the room
We will also talk about tickets and how the system works, looking at the standards the employers have to follow

Today we are covering Copper going over $10,000 US a ton
How much a big miner like Northern Star will turn over next year on their Gold mines
Record high Iron Ore price again, but they are still replacing their truck drivers with driverless truck
Coal makes a move but there is still an elephant in the room
We will also talk about why so many people have trouble getting a start, they just aren’t giving the employers what they want

Today we are covering copper going close to its all time high
Why the demand for gold is high and where it’s used as a consumable like the space industry
Record high Iron ore price
A shout out to a student that got a start
We will also talk about long shot holes and what it means to be an owner operator

This is something that gets thrown around a lot towards people asking about how to get a mining job on social media

“Just get a job with BHP “

But where do you start?

This short video explains how BHP isn’t set up the way most people think
It shows where their different assets are and how knowing all this can make a big difference in getting a job for a new starter.

This is an entry level job with a big Iron Ore company and should have everyone asking, if I go down this path how long is my mining career going to be?
When talking to people about mining I often ask them,
Where they see themselves in 5 years time?
Will they still be working on the same mine?
Will they still be doing the same job, or waiting for someone to move on?
Are there going to be other places to work for surface truck drivers or an oversupply?

Today we are covering the copper miners that are expanding their portfolio.
Panoramic Resources are to restart their Nickel/Copper mine with a well known contractor.

An Iron ore job ad, that tells the truth about the future of truck driving on a strip mine in Australia!
Find out how there is no one size fits all to getting a mining job. See how different resumes get you different results and how a bit of insider mining knowledge goes a long way to getting your start!

Today we are covering the gold miner that gave all their employees a pay rise!
Why Mincor renamed their new decline?
How the media only do employment stories on the trade and degree jobs, not the jobs that are entry level that you can get without experience!

Knowing what is going on makes a real difference in getting a job
We will cover the prices on all the major Mining Metals (Gold, Nickel, Copper, Silver, Zinc or Base Metals), Iron Ore, Coal and attaching appropriate news with each segment so a new starter has a better idea of what is going on in the industry.

Today we are covering where the new mines are opening up?
Where will an Iron Ore traineeship take you money wise?
Do you really have to know someone to get a Coal mining job today?

Today we are covering what is driving demand within the mining industry
Why Tesla is working with a Nickel mine?
How gold became money again!


 If you have just started looking then there are lots of entry level mining jobs going on Hardrock gold, nickel, copper, zinc, lithium and other base metal mines all around Australia.

The entry level roles for hardrock underground are Nipper, Truck Operator, Diamond Driller Offsider and Agi Operator. You can go straight to the source by typing “underground” into seek and see for yourself. You can improve your chances by getting your mining knowledge up to speed. Using one of the Underground Training packages (DIY Introduction to underground mining or Workready)

The training is not a magic bullet. You need to spend the time studying and applying for jobs to make it work. Lots of people have made it work for themselves. You can see this on our Wall of Fame page. If you would like to talk to someone about how to get a start in the mining industry then you can leave your details in this link. Good luck to everyone, hope you get the start you are chasing soon.




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