Road works


Contact with the Road

The leading edge must be able to move over the road without ripping into the road.

How do we achieve this?

By controlling the contact with the road, it is possible to skim the top of the road way without ripping it up.

By moving the bucket from side to side you control the contact between the leading edge and road, simply lift and drop the bucket as necessary to keep the leading edge in contact with the road. This requires practice and patience and is something that will come with time

How a hard rock roadway works

A hard rock road is the same as a Roman road built 2000 years ago. A mixture of large rocks and small rocks that lock each other into place. Then road base is spread over the rocks to form a smooth surface.

Filling a Pothole with road base

Filling a pot hole with only road base will not fix the problem it will only make the situation worse. The road base will not set but get pushed out of the hole by the weight of the bogger running over making the hole higher and worse.