Putting it all together

Putting all together

Always stop at the start of the drive and inspect the area to be bogged.

Make sure there is enough water on the dirt and check for misfires, steels, bolts and any other hazards in the dirt. Inspect the brow for damage and potential rocks that may fall.

If freshly fired then push up the dirt as you would with a heading, if not then remove the bund wall.

Bog the stope side to side cleaning the windrows up as you go.

If the dirt starts to become dry then take 5 minutes and set up a spray, always remembering that Dust = Death.

While free bogging the stope you need to be sure of what the mine standard is.

Always look at the dirt above the area you are bogging . This is where the movement will come from.

If the dirt reels while bogging you need to get the bogger out as quickly as possible.

Keep looking into the stope (the hanging wall & foot wall)when bogging you are looking for small rocks that are falling, if this happen get out now

When little rocks fall a big rock will always follow, not always straight away through.

Always inspect the stope and brow every bucket when free bogging.