Loading a Large rock

Loading a large rock

If you have a large rock that wont break up and it needs to go on the back of the truck then you will need to first, put some smaller dirt into the tub to break the rock’s fall. Then load the large rock into the tub, try to get some smaller dirt on with your third bucket around the large rock.

Big dirt

When you have over size dirt, first try to break it up using the bucket. You do this by lifting the rock with the leading edge of the bucket then dropping it to the ground or working the leading edge up and down quickly will also break a large rock. If this fails and you can safely get the rock in the bucket, and then the tub of the truck you should give it a go.

However if you feel this is not an option then its time to call in charge up to pop the rock. You need to make sure that charge up can get safe easy access to under the rock. If not they may have to put a hole in it with a air leg to pop it.