Leveling the bucket

Levelling The Bucket

The most important thing that needs to be done when operating a bogger is to have a level bucket before starting the task. If the bucket is not in the right position then it can make operating a bogger very difficult. The correct position to have is the front or leading edge of the bucket flush on the ground, as pictured below.

The incorrect position can happen if the bucket is placed flat on the ground. This can cause the leading edge to stick up to 10cm off the ground, if you can fit your foot under the bucket leading edge then the bucket is not level and bogging will be difficult and chances are you will rip up the road.

The reason that the bucket could be positioned this way is because the bucket positioner’s are normally mounted before the bucket teeth are fitted to their attachments.

Bucket positioner’s are notoriously wrong.

If you can’t rely on the bucket positioner’s how can we get the bucket back to the right position for bogging? You could get out and visibly check the bucket position every time. This however is very time consuming and not practical.

The best way to position the bucket is to: Position the bucket with the leading edge, flush with the ground.

Crowd the bucket back all the way and take note off where the bucket is.

This is your reference point and can be found again by lining the back of the bucket with the bucket teeth to the same position. This position is different for each bogger.

By using this technique, once you raise the bucket into the air you can find the correct bucket position by realigning the bucket teeth with the back of the bogger bucket then lower to the ground.

This technique gives you the correct position first time every time.