Entering a underground work area

Entering Work Areas

When entering underground work areas always make yourself known. If there are any miners or machines working in the area. What is the best way to signal the miners that you are coming into their work place? You could use your light to signal that you’re there, this movement is be best described as a slight head wobble from side to side. You could also use your radio if you have coms to talk to the miners. However always make sure the shift boss knows where you are going and what time you should be coming out.

It is a mine regulation. to notify the operator of a remote controlled machine before entering, meaning they need to stop and ask you to come in.

Always make the call’s on the decline and the rule is that, you as operator of an LV have to give way to anything bigger then you. If however the HV turns its lights off this means that you are in the spot they want to get into so you will need to move. Sometimes the operator of the HV may flash their lights instead of turning them off.