Bogging the Stope

Bogging a Stope

Inspecting the Drive

Always get out of the bogger and inspect the same things you would in a heading.

Inspecting the stope

From behind the bund, in supported ground shine your light into the stope. You are looking for any cracks on the hanging wall or the foot wall and around the brow area. Inspect the dirt. How will it reel? Are there any large rocks in the dirt. Always re-inspect the stope after watering down as things may have moved.

Watering Down

Having dry dirt is the biggest hazard faced by modern mechanized miners, remember dust = death and the vent system carries it to other people’s jobs on lower levels so have a high standard to your watering down.

Reeling Dirt

Always watch the reel above where you are bogging, if it starts to reel then bring the bogger back out of the stope. You don’t want the bogger to get buried.

Reeling Dirt

A stope that doesn’t reel is very hard to bog because the dirt has been compacted on top of itself through firing and can set like concrete in these areas. If you find an area like this give it a rake down with the bucket and see if you can make it reel.

You can control how the dirt reels by taking dirt from one area however you should only do this if you are trying to bring down a large rock or control the reel off the foot wall, otherwise you will end up burying the bogger .