The best advice for a mining job

The best advice I have ever got for a mining job was to. Go where employers have no choice but to hire new starters and give them what they want. If you can do that, it goes a long way to getting yourself a start.

If you think you want to start a career in underground mining. Then check out our DIY Introduction to Underground Mining and Workready packages. They’re looking for people that can answer the mining questions in an interview. Who are happy to relocate for a job if necessary. The best advice I ever got for a mining job, was to go where the employers have to hire and give them what they want. The jobs are in Hardrock underground gold, nickel, copper, zinc, lithium and other base metal mines. All around the country are having to hire new starters for the Nipper, Truck Operator, Agi Operator or Diamond Driller Offsider jobs. If you type “underground” into seek, you will see all the jobs come up.

If you would like to talk to one of the Shift Bosses about how to get a start in the mining industry then you can leave your details in this link