How to start your mining career making $350-$480 a day

I first started in the Hardrock mining industry at the end of 1994, I know how the system works and more importantly I know what the employer wants. An experienced person. When I say “experienced” it’s not what everyone thinks. The employers want people that know the rules and systems of work that the large hardrock mines use. As I have talked about before, it’s these 100+ large Hardrock mines (that are now mostly underground), that need to hire people to fill the lowest paid jobs. Yes $350-$480 a day is what the lowest jobs get paid, these jobs can lead a career where as an Australian Hardrock miner you can making 25K a month working around the world.

So how can I help?

When I first started to help new starters into the Hardrock industry I decided that it need to be a win/win for both the employer and the new starter. The only way to achieve this is to give the employer what that they want, someone that knows the rules, knows the terms, knows how it all works and that’s what we did. The first thing that I do for a new client is teach them how a Hardrock mine works/rules/systems of work. Once the client has completed the training I get them to make a new mining friendly resume. This information is contained as part of training, under the Australian mining seminar, which sets out in step by step instruction how to lay out your new mining friendly resume.

I like everyone to send me a copy of their new resume once they have redone it, to make sure it’s going to get read. Lastly is my Job hunt program, where I send a weekly newsletter with links to jobs that I think you should be apply for. Once a client’s resume is done they just need to keep sending it out till they get an interview. The interview, this is where the drama can start if you haven’t retained the information from the training. It’s the information in training that you have completed that the employer is interested in. The employer doesn’t care about past machine operation, they are going to train you exactly the way that they want you to operate their machines, they have to by law. If you can use the mining terms and answer the foreman’s questions, then employers have been hiring since 2010.

Who can do this? Who will the employers take?

The first person that got a job from the training was 57 and he started as an underground truck driver with one of the big contracting companies. In my experience people that have worked for large companies in any role can make the change, because they will have been exposed to many of the OH&S policies that are used by the mining companies. As well as people that have done night shift, worked weekends and have worked 10 or 12hour shifts are all looked on as a positive.

I have helped 100’s of people into the Hardrock industry from all back grounds using this proven pathway. I have 2 packages I sell. The first is for people that don’t want to spend a lot of money and can us a computer to make their own new resume, it’s called “Do it yourself” and costs $270. For those in Perth that want some more help, I offer a more hands on package for $520 where I will redo your resume myself, do interview training and send your resume to all the contacts I know.

There is so much work out there at the moment that either packages if followed correctly will do the job. If anyone wants to talk to me more about how I can help you, please leave your details in the link provided. Good luck hope it works out for you.