Mining knowledge on where the jobs are

There are lots of entry level jobs around. With some basic mining knowledge on where the jobs are, you can find one for yourself. The majority of the entry level jobs are in the hardrock underground and the exploration areas of the industry. The underground employers are hiring new starters for the Nipper, Truck Operator, Agi Operator or Diamond Driller Offsider jobs. In exploration it’s field assistants and surface driller offsider jobs. If you type “underground” or “exploration” into seek you will see all the jobs come up.

But do you need to know someone to get one of these entry level jobs? For most of the industry, the answer to that question would be, yes. However, hardrock underground and exploration need so many people, that friends and family just aren’t enough. The employers are having to hire lots of new starters to fill the spots, they need bums in seats. The other problem these employers are having is turnover. It’s not uncommon for employers to turnover 3 in 5 of the new starters in the first 6 months.

Getting the job isn’t the big challenge any more. It’s surviving the sink or swim training, that people have problems with. If you want to make a career out of it, you have to find your feet as quickly as possible. The best way to find your feet quickly, is to teach yourself how to swim before you go. The more you know how the employers mine works, the easier it is for everyone involved. 

The Workready and DIY training packages cover all the mining knowledge you need to know. Allowing you to find your feet quickly in your new job. You just need a manual car licence, be able to pass the medical and a police clearance for these jobs.

Good luck I hope everyone gets the job they are after.

The Mining Coach