I know what the mining employer wants

One of the biggest problems facing people in getting their first mining job, is the beliefs that they hold about the industry. A lot of people project what they think the mining employers want, not what the employers actually wants. Most people think the employers want someone that has experience in the seat, that’s why these 3 day truck driving courses are all the rage, because people think its what the employers want. Yet no one ever gets a job from these courses, because its not the training the employer wants. So what does the employer want?

The employer wants a person with mining knowledge. Someone that can be plugged straight into their systems/terms used, that understands the process that they are about to be put through. This is why all the truck and nipper jobs ask for as little as three months experience. What the employer is after is someone that has been blooded to the systems already. This is important to the employer as all safety on site is related to the systems used, knowing how these systems work and the language used is a huge advantage to the employer over someone that doesn’t and has to be trained from scratch.

Why doesn’t the employer want to train? Well it’s not as if they don’t want to train, most companies spend 1000’s on training their employees, it has more to do with the result that they get when hiring new starters. The unfortunate reality is 3 out of 5 people fail in the first 6 months when dealing with new starters, the employer just doesn’t have this problem when they hire someone that knows the systems. So what goes wrong, how do they keep getting results like this?

It all starts once you arrive on site you will be required to complete many inductions and training units to be ticketed to preform jobs on site. It is literally a wall of information that they throw at you in the first couple of days and you won’t/don’t want to look stupid by asking to many questions? So people end up missing things or like I said “not wanting to ask to many questions” and this ends up costing them 3 months later when they get sprung doing a job the wrong way and find themselves with a “window seat on the next plane out” (mining term used for getting the sack).

The solution, is to learn the entry level jobs like scaling, watering down and installing ground support. I have access to a group of online courses that were designed to bring a new start up to speed with their mining knowledge. If you can answer the questions about mining in the interview then the employers have been shown to hire. I have a package called “do it yourself” it not only includes the online courses that teach you how a hardrock mine works but also includes the Australian Mining Seminar. The seminar shows you how to make a mining friendly resume for employers. The last person to use this system got a underground truck driving job in 8 days, this was in June 2017.

Do it yourself $380

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