Happy snatch-it season everyone, check out my snatch-it season special!

So what is snatch-it season? It is a term used in the Western Australia Hardrock underground mining industry for the period of time leading up to the Xmas/New Year holidays. In the past when there was a lot of work around, people would quit (snatch-it) their jobs in December and start looking for a job in February when their money started to run low. While other issues often play a big role in a miner snatching-it, having to work the coming holidays is often the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

This can often lead to a domino affect with a number of crew members snatching-it as management start cancelling peoples leave to cover for the missing crew. I have been in the unlucky position of having my leave cancelled and having to keep my job. I watched 5 members of my crew all decide that they had had enough, all snatching it with in 12hours of each other. I can see the same thing happening this year with all the jobs around and a real lack of experienced people.

This is the best time of year for a new starter to get their start, in January when employers are desperate to fill their crews. Like I have said before all the employers want experienced people but when they can’t get them, the employers will take the next best thing. This is where my students come in, having been trained in how a Hardrock mine works and the jobs/tasks performed, they are able to offer the employer a great option if an experienced person can’t be found.

To take advantage of this, I am offering a snatch-it season special, anyone buying my “Do it yourself” package will be upgraded to my full service package. This package includes a full resume service where I will create a new mining friendly resume and conduct interview coaching to make sure you are ready for the questions that are going to be asked in the interview. This is a saving of $250 on the regular price and represents great value, the special will run until the 20th of December and my aim is to have a group of people that have completed the training by the new year that I can shop around to my contacts in the industry.

If this sounds like something you want to do then to sign up follow the link, if you have more questions then leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Snatch-it season special $270

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