Gold mines are where the jobs are in 2024

Gold mines are where the jobs are in 2024

If you are a new starter and trying to get into the industry, then Gold mines are where the jobs are in 2024. With the price over $3000 Australian an ounce, every Gold mine in the country is trying to ramp up production, to make the most of the prices going higher. A price, thanks to central banks buying so much Gold around the world, doesn’t seem to be going lower anytime soon.

As you can see from the map of where the Gold mines are and the graph (above), for the last 12 months the Australian Gold price has built a constant base that the Gold mining companies intend to build off. Everyone is looking at expanding production, often turning their existing mothballed open pit mines into underground mines, as is outlined in the video below.

This means that Gold mines are where the jobs are in 2024 and if you want a job then you need to follow a couple of simple rules.

  1. Go where the employers have no choice but to hire new starters
  2. Give them what they want, someone that knows how the mine works

Going where the employers have no choice to hire new starters, includes areas in the north of QLD, in the middle of NSW and of course here in WA, around Kalgoorlie and FIFO from Perth. Those are the hot spots, but there are mines looking for new starters in Gold and base metals in all the states around Australia. You only have to look at our Mining Jobs to Apply for page or type “Underground” into seek, to see all the jobs.

That leaves the second rule, giving the employers want they want. This is where people delude themselves into thinking that something other than knowing how the employers mine works is going to help the employer and help them get a job. No amount of equipment experience helps the employer if you need a babysitter for the first 3 months, because you can’t get your head around how the mine works. The longer you need a babysitter the more the pressure gets ramped up and the more people fail. We cover these topics and lots more in our Podcast Conversations about Mining

I can’t make this any clearer to new starters, that teaching someone to drive the underground truck is the easy part. It only takes a couple of weeks, they are point and shoot, hydraulic steering, automatics. They are the most expensive trucks you will have ever driven, but the easiest. The problem is teaching a person enough about how the mine works, so they can be left alone to drive the truck on their own. This is the hard part and the reason more than 50% of green new starters fail in the first 6 months. Even the ones with lots of equipment experience fail at this rate because if you can’t be left alone to do the job safely then you just don’t have a job.

It is simple as that, pure sink or swim training, with lots of people sinking. When if they had done the training and learnt how it all worked before they went, then they would have had a completely different result. Less than 10% of people that complete the training and get jobs fail, knowing how it all works makes a huge difference in the result you get. You can checkout our wall of fame page to see just how some of the people that have used the training got jobs.

Remember Gold mines are where the jobs are in 2024 and if you want the education to get a job in one of these mines, then this is the link to the DIY introduction to underground mining training package. There are full instructions on how to redo your resume (it takes about 2 hours to do yourself) and interview prep questions as well as a mining company to apply to directly. If you want your resume done for you checkout our 3 Step Plan package that we do with Beyond Recruitment & Resumes.

If you want help getting in, then we also do a Workready package, where you get a ticketed WA shift boss to help you with the mining information (they ask you lots of mining questions to make sure you have learned the information). They will redo your resume, do interview prep (including a mock interview) and come up with a plan of where and how to get in.

If you’ve got any questions or if you’d like to talk to someone, you can leave your details on this enquiry form and we will be in contact.

I hope this info helps.

The Mining Coach