Getting a mining job is only the start of the battle

Getting a mining job is only the start of the battle

Recently I did a video (it’s at the bottom of the post), on how getting a mining job is only the start of the battle. I got some very interesting feedback from people at all levels of the industry. This is from someone that started in the industry in June as an underground truck driver.  This is what he said

As you can see in the group of 8 people he started with, 6 are already gone. That’s a 75% failure rate and only one group of people. There will be a new group starting every couple of weeks. This is the sink or swim training that I have been talking about. A system that can be forced to use people that have only just been trained themselves. To train the next lot of green new starters. But it doesn’t have to be like this. 

You can take the sink or swim training out of it, by educating yourself (before you get to site), it makes a huge difference. When someone completes one of our packages and gets a job. They have a 95% success rate at making it past the first six months. This is why so many employers interview people that have complete the training. If they can get someone that’s prepped themselves properly, then they have someone that is going to make it. Instead of the 3 in 5 that fail going in green, which as you can read can be much higher.

This video contains adult language and is about the battle that happens once a new starter gets to site.
It’s a fact that you can’t get around, if you want a career, you have to make it past the 6 month mark in your first job.

If you want to take advantage, then get your mining knowledge up to speed. You can use one of our training packages, DIY Introduction to underground mining, the W1N W1N package or the Workready package. All of them teach you the entry-level jobs that the employers are advertising for, it just depends on how much support you want (help with resumes and interview prep). The training gives you all the important mining knowledge the employers want. It covers the Nipper, Truck Operator, Offsider, Agi driver or member of Service Crew/Paste Crew jobs. These are the entry level jobs on a Hardrock Underground Gold, Nickel, Copper, Silver, Zinc or Base Metals mines around the country. You just have to type “underground” into seek and you will see all the jobs come up around the country. If you want to talk to someone leave your details in the link.

Good luck, hope everyone gets the mining job they want.




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