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Online Course 3 –

Service Crew Underground

An in-depth exploration of the role Service Crew plays in installing and maintaining vita infrastructure underground from ventilation, air & water, power and coms cabling.

Course 3

Service Crew Underground

Module 1 Extending the services in an underground mine-.Review of the procedures for installing services (air & water) within an underground mine. 3.1.1 – Extending the services
3.1.2 – Poly Joiners
3.1.3 – Joining poly using the “Tap-in” method
3.1.4 – Joining poly using the “Screw-in” method
3.1.5 – Working smart in the basket
Module 2 Extending the power in an underground mine 

– Review of the procedures for installation of power services for equipment within an underground mine.

3.2.1 – Moving the power forward

3.2.1 – Removing the power


Module 3 Extending the ventilation in an underground mine– Review of the procedures and types of ventilation for installation within an underground mine. 3.3.1 – Ventilation used underground

3.3.2 – Knocker line
3.3.3 – Hanging the ventilation
3.3.4 – Pressurising the vent bag


Module 4 Extending Coms and Firing Line– Review of the procedures for installation of communications and firing infrastructure within an underground mine. 3.4.1 – Extending the coms
3.4.2 – Extending the firing line

3.4.3 – Twitching the firing line

Module 5 Using the IT with Service Crew-.The importance the IT (Integrated Tool Carrier) plays in assisting service crew in installation and maintenance of services within and underground mine as well as its use during charge-up. 3.5.1 – The IT and its different uses
3.5.2 – Using the IT when working with Service Crew
3.5.3 – Using the IT when working with Charge Up
Module 6 The Attachments used with the IT– A descriptive look at the different and varied attachments used with the IT and their uses. 3.6.1 – Connecting the IT attachments

3.6.2 – The various IT attachments used


ONLINE Service Crew Underground