Online Nipper & important Underground Duties

Online Course 2 –

Nipper & Important Underground Duties

Content designed to introduce a “greenie” to the hardrock underground industry as well as someone already working within the mining industry and looking to transistion to the hardrock underground area within an entry-level capacity providing knowledge on the genera rules of mining, hazards and what and why each experienced miner does what they do in their workplace, resulting in a smooth transition to underground mining.

Course 2

Nipper & other important duties underground.

Module 1 The Duties that a Nipper may be required to perform.– An outline of the everyday roles required for the entry level role of a Nipper to perform. 2.1.1 – Different duties of the Nipper
2.1.2 – Getting the crew to and from work
2.1.3 – The crew’s job
2.1.4 – Rigging up a Jumbo
2.1.5 – Throwing bolts
2.1.6 – Setting up headings
Module 2 Watering Down 

– The importance and procedures involved with watering down underground.

2.2.1 – Watering down a heading

2.2.1 – Watering at the heading and on the way out

2.2.3 – Watering out misfires

2.2.4 – Watering down a stope

2.2.5 – Pumping systems


Module 3 General Mining Information– An in-depth introduction to the everyday general mining operations information of an underground mine environment that workers are required to have a full understanding of before performing work underground. 2.3.1 – Cap lamp signals and their meanings
2.3.2 – Refuge chambers
2.3.3 – As Per Mine Standard
2.3.4 – Pooled water and its dangers underground
2.3.5 – Signage used underground
2.3.6 – Isolation and tagging of equipment
2.3.7 – Stench gas and its use underground
2.3.8 – Self-rescuers
2.3.9 – Fire and gasses underground
Module 4 The Tag Board for Underground– A descriptive look at one of the fundamentally most important items of equipment on any minesite. 2.4.1 – The tag board and its importance
2.4.2 – The procedure for tagging on

2.4.3 – The procedure for tagging off
2.4.4 – Firing time

Module 5 The information required to be known before commencing work– The daily procedures expected to be adhered to when working underground. 2.5.1 – Prestart meetings
2.5.2 – Entering an underground work area
2.5.3 – Parking and driving underground
2.5.4 – The importance of mines rescue
Module 6 The Safety Representative– The role of the Safety Representative, what is expected when undertaking this role and the procedures in place to maintain safety onsite. 2.6.1 – Safety Regulations within a Hardrock environment

2.6.2 – What these regulations mean for the worker


Module 7 Different types of mining

– A look at the different methods of underground Hardrock mining.


2.7.1 – Declining

2.7.2 – Inclining

2.7.3 – Level Driving

2.7.4 – Benching

2.7.5 – Flat Backing


ONLINE Nipper & Other Important Duties