Online Basic Minesite Operation

Online Course 1 –

Basic Hardrock Operations

Designed to provide participants an informative and realisitic view of mining life and what is expected of workers once getting to site and what employers expect from workers, a sound knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of a minesite.

Course 1

Basic Minesite Operation

Module 1 Duties of Employers and Employees on a minesite.– An outline of the everyday duties of mining employees and employers operating within the guidelines of the West Australian Mining Act, incorporating the concept of “As Per Mine Standard” 1.1.1 – Introduction
1.1.2 – The Duties of Miners
1.1.3 – The Duties of Employers/Employees
1.1.4 – As Per Mine Standard
Module 2 How the Underground Mine Works 

– An in-depth view of the everyday workings of an underground Hardrock minesite, incorporating the following procedures.

1.2.1 – Hardrock mine orientation

1.2.1 – Ground support

1.2.3 – Development mining

1.2.4 – Taking a cut

1.2.5 – Firing the cut

1.2.6 – The escape way

1.2.7 – Production mining

1.2.8 – Paste Fill

Module 3 The Different Underground Mining Jobs– An in-depth hierarchical look at the myriad of jobs available within an underground Hardrock minesite. 1.3.1 – Jobs (Professional)
1.3.2 – Jobs (Production – Hardrock Open Cut)
1.3.3 – Jobs (Production – Hardrock Underground)
1.3.4 – Jobs (Mining Construction)
1.3.5 – Jobs (Mining Shutdowns)
Module 4 Scaling– A look at the important procedure and technique used to scale in an underground Hardrock mine. 1.4.1 – What is Scaling?
1.4.2 – The procedures involved for effective scaling

1.4.3 – What can go wrong when scaling

Module 5 Safety in the workplace– How a positive approach on safety and its implantation in a hazardous environment with the correct skill level and knowledge can prove effective. 1.5.1 – What is Safety?
1.5.2 – MYTH: All Accidents are Preventable.
1.5.3 – The Skills of the Workers
1.5.4 – Positive tips for safety
Module 6 Surviving the first 12 months– A survival guide to commencing your mining career on the correct path, how to make the most of the opportunity when getting to site and understanding what is expected when getting to site. 1.6.1 – Onsite: Surviving the first 12 months

1.6.2 – Getting a start

1.6.3 – Your Resume
1.6.4 – Once you get to site

1.6.5 – The Money on Offer



ONLINE Basic Minesite Operation