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Underground Training is here to help you get a start in an underground Gold, Nickel, Copper, Silver, Zinc or Rare Earths Mine, If you want a job then you need to give employers what they want. Someone that knows how their mine works, what’s going to be expected of them onsite and the jobs you are going to have to do as a Nipper, Truck Operator, Offsider or member of Service/Paste Crew
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Is Hardrock Underground Mining going to be for you? Underground Training can help!
You can complete Underground Training's first course, Basic Minesite Operation to see if mining is going to be for you. If it is, you can take advantage of the DIY Intro to Underground Mining package Payment Plan, breaking up the cost into 3 small payments of $165 each.
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Underground Training can give you the extra help you need!
Workready is Underground Trainings full service package, that includes resume services (to make your resume mining friendly) and interview prep sessions (to go over your mining knowledge and interview skills) with a WA Shift Boss.
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About Underground Training

Underground Training was was founded to deal with the high turnover of inexperienced staff in the Hardrock Underground Mining Industry. The aim is to give the new starter a level of knowledge and understanding of how both the mine and industry work. In order to give them the confidence to answer mining questions in an interview and land the job. If you know how the employers mine works then you have something to offer the employers.
Mining is a diverse and economically important industry internationally and particularly here at home in Australia. It is an industry that offers career opportunities like no other and a lifestyle to suit. None more so than the hardrock underground industry. What do we mean by hardrock? We are talking about gold, lithium, nickel, uranium, copper and rare earths just to name just a few. Just about everything except coal. Australia has just started a new boom in Gold with record prices in Australian dollars above $2400 an ounce. This is where most of the new starter jobs are.
You can use Underground Training online packages to get your mining knowledge up to speed and get the start you are chasing.