Land that job in hardrock underground mining, give the employers what they want!

Mining is a diverse and economically important industry internationally and particularly here at home in Australia. It is an industry that offers career opportunities like no other and a lifestyle to suit. None more so than the hardrock underground industry. What do we mean by hardrock? We are talking about gold, lithium, nickel, uranium, copper and rare earths just to name just a few. Just about everything except coal. Australia has just started a new boom in Gold with record prices in Australian dollars above $2500 an ounce. This is where most of the new starter jobs are.

Currently our Australian mining companies (Northern Star, BHP, Newcrest, etc) and contractors (Byrncut, Barminco, Ruc, Pybar etc) are operating mines, not only here in Australia but around the world. They are using Australian foreman’s, shiftboss’s, jumbo operators, and safety & training managers amongst others to run mines for companies around the world. This is because our mining systems of work, are considered world’s best practice and our miners are highly sought after.

Currently, employers are having to hire new starters for the industry because anyone who has experience that wants a job, already has a job. With all the employers well short of the people needed to run their mines.

The industry needs new blood and employers are hiring.

In saying this though, applications for new starters looking to get into the industry are a dime a dozen and employers certainly have the pick of workers wanting to get their start.


The employers all want the same thing, someone that knows how their mine works (terms used, culture etc) and what is going to be expected of them onsite. If you can show the employer that you know what is going to be expected of you, in an entry level role such as a Nipper, Truck Driver or on Service Crew, then you have something to offer the employers. This is how you standout, with your mining knowledge!


Hiring in the hardrock mining industry is different to most other industry in Australia. Yes, it goes through the company's HR department, but it's not HR who decides who gets hired and who doesn't. The site foreman or project manager will undertake the final interviewing and hiring phase. What they say goes! So if you can speak ‘mining’ to the foreman and show them your mining knowledge is up to speed, by answering the mining questions in the interview. It makes it an easy decision to hire, as long as you meet the employers other requirements.

Mining questions like, what are you going to do if you smell stench gas, explain cap lamp signals, and what are you going to do when your truck starts sliding down the decline (a common occurrence). The employer wants someone that has educated themselves to how their mine works and  who can walk the walk, as well as talk the talk. It’s that simple. These types of questions are just a snippet of the valuable information contained within our specialized courses.

Course 1 - Basic Minesite Operation
Course 2 - Nipper and other important duties
Course 3 - Truck Operation
Course 4 - Service Crew

Plus - Online Australian Mining Seminar (a guide to the industry and resume/interview tips)

For further information, take a look at the different packages we offer for new starters like

DIY Intro to Underground Mining


To help new starters get their start in the industry.