Watering at the heading and on the way out

Watering down the muck pile (dirt)

The dirt will take at least 20-30 minutes to water down depending on the size of the heading, the bigger the heading the longer it will take to water down .

Make sure that the heading is watered down evenly. When watering down a heading some people like to chock the hose with rocks and point it at the backs. The problem is in the time it takes to do this (chock the hose) then move it from one direction to another you save more time and do a better job of watering down if you do it by hand. What happens is most people when they use the chocked hose technique they don’t move the hose and while the middle is watered down and the sides look like they are, they’re not. So when the bogger operator gets their first bucket of dirt from the sides they expose the dry rock. This means the job has to be redone and this costs time. And what is time underground MONEY.

On the way out, water the backs down all the way back to the vent bag.

Roll up the hoses and call either the shift boss or bogger operator to tell them that the watering down is complete.