Bogging around Corners

Bogging around Corners

When opening up a new drive stripping will be taken, then a cut. At some point you will have to bog around a corner.

How are we going to do this.

Think back to how we can control the leading edge.

By lifting and dropping the bucket.

That’s how you create the control you must have to keep the bogger going in the direction that you want as you bog around the corner.

The bogger will slide across the face when the front wheels come off the ground.

Once you feel the bogger start to slide then lift the leading edge to regain control

When bogging around the corner it is important to be careful of the tyres. If you just go in straight then you risk tyre damage, if you try to just bog around the corner then that can cause tyre damage as well. The best way is a combination of both.

Remembering to lift the leading edge if the bogger starts to slide. Never go under unsupported ground APMS.

When bogging around a corner on a decline we need to make sure we leave a level area for the jumbo to work off. We do this by leaving dirt on the low side as we bog around the corner to create a level work area.

This is a cross section of the decline and the level, what do you think will happen if you bog all the dirt out?

The bogger will slide down the decline and could get wedged. The best way to stop this is to bog flat and leave some dirt on the low side to make a level area to work off.