Bogging a Heading

Bogging a Heading

Inspecting the Drive

Always get out of the bogger and inspect the drive for hazards and road conditions before starting. What are we looking for?

Rocks and potholes;

The condition of the vent;

Misfires and bolts.

Watering Down

Having dry dirt is the biggest hazard faced by modern mechanized miners, remember dust = death and the vent system carries it to other peoples jobs on lower levels so have a high standard to your watering down and instill this in the people watering down for you.

Pushing up the dirt

When pushing up the dirt always go back to where the fly dirt starts and push through both sides. It is important that you don’t try to get a bucket of dirt with these passes because if you do you will rip up the road way if it has been laid properly.

Bogging the Cut

Once the roadway is clear you can start bogging the heading starting on the right side first, then the left side. We do this to keep the boggers tires from getting cut or staked, taking the dirt out evenly to the face one side then the other.

Cleaningup Left and Right

Always clean as you go, this includes cleaning up the windrows which is very easy in first gear running up against the wall on your way in snapping the bogger straight before entering the dirt.