Experience for Entry Level Mining Jobs

What Hardrock underground employers want you to know!

Knowing how an underground mine works is a valuable commodity these days.

If you can answer these questions below, by completing our training, then you really have something to offer the mining employers.

This is the experience for entry level mining jobs that the employers want!

People that complete the training, who study hard and learn all the information. These people end up selling themselves to the employers with their mining knowledge in the interviews, these people get jobs.

Lots of people get an instant response, for others it can take longer.
If you can answer the questions below, then you have what the employers want, for their Nipper, Truck operator and service crew jobs.

Mining Questions

What do you need to do if you smell stench gas?

When scaling what should you do if a rock slides down the scaling bar?

What are the duties of employees?

Why is it important to water down correctly?

Secondary ventilation needs what to be effective?

If I move my cap lamp in a circular motion what do I want you to do?

How should you park an LV underground?

Discuss safety and how the candidate is going to improve their safety once on site?

What are the steps involved in taking a cut?

What four things make a heading serviceable?

When scaling, where should you never scale?

When watering down the stope what are you looking for?

When extending the services what needs to be done before re-installing the headers?

When hanging services where is the smartest place to stand in the basket and perform the work?

Why is pooled water so dangerous in an underground mine?

So why does this work?

Safety is such a critical part of mining these days, that if you can show the employer that you have already put the mining knowledge into yourself, it becomes a game changer.  This is the experience for entry level mining jobs that the employers want!

When you get an interview, you will be able to show the Foreman or Mine Manager that you will be able to work safely.
Achieving this by explaining to them (using their terminology), how you are going to perform duties like scaling and watering down in a safe manner.
This is what floats their boat, a new starter with mining knowledge.

Get your mining knowledge up to speed using our intro to underground mining or Workready package, which has helped so many people get their mining knowledge up to speed and get their start. For more videos about the industry checkout our YouTube channel Australian Mining for New Starters or to find the underground jobs type “
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